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A Date With Darkness Podcast

Dec 17, 2022

Morganne Brownlee, LPC joins us today to discuss her healing process after a toxic relationship. She and I discuss the impact of clean eating habits and male friendships on her healing journey.

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Dec 9, 2022

Have you ever had your private photos abused? It occurs when someone reveals your intimate photos publicly or to someone else without your consent. This can be used as a blackmail tactic within relationships. Dr. Charlotte Laws, Ph.D. , as seen on the Netflix documentary "The Most Hated Man on the Internet", joins us...

Dec 2, 2022

Dr. Virgil Zeigler Hill, Ph.D. joins us today to discuss the dark triad and what we must consider when interacting with people who have these traits.

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Nov 26, 2022

Recently, in mainstream media, we have seen violence increasing among women. The Shanquella Robinson case, as well as on a recent episode of the Real Housewives of Potomac where Dr. Wendy Osefo, PhD. was a victim of violence, all while the people stood by and watched or encouraged the abuse. I discuss why this...

Nov 19, 2022

D.A.R.V.O (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim Offender), is what frequently happens when you get into an argument with a narcissist. It is gaslighting at its finest. The narcissist will deny a specific event happened, attack your character, and then reverse the situation to make themselves the victim. It...